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:iconwill-ferrell-club::iconselenagomez-club::iconcartoon-obsessions: ~ Greenblatt's Official Blog ~ Chowder on Fanpop… ~ Chowder on Flickr
:star: Welcome to Marzipan-City, dA's first Chowder club! Chowder is an animated TV series on Cartoon Network. The show was created by Carl H. Greenblatt of SpongeBob SquarePants and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. "Marzipan City" is where Chowder takes place. It stars a little cat/bear/rabbit character named Chowder, who has big dreams of becoming a great chef.
This fan club was created for all those who have taken a liking to the Chowder cartoon! :star:

:cake::tea:≈ Rules & Information≈:tea::cake:
~ Major Rules are listed here:…
= To Join: You may either become a member, a watcher, or both. You do not have to ask permission, simply click the button and you will join the club!
~ Respect each other and us.
= Submitting Work: We DO allow higher than PG13 works here in the club. I'm against censorship, but please, not everyone wants to see boarder-line porno slash, so prevent them from accidentally seeing it by putting a mature content warning on your more "mature" works.
~ Anything you submit to this group must be Chowder related.
~ Remember to designate your work as "fan art" when you submit it to dA.
~ Do not claim or submit work that is not your own. Please mention the copyrights on your fan art; Chowder does not belong to you!
~ Please ask all questions in either comments or notes to the founder, Feathery-Wings.

~ Contest rules are featured here:…
There are no new or current contests.

:lemon:≈Club News & Updates≈:lemon:
:bulletgreen:8/4/2016 ~ Does anyone know how to change how deviations are accepted to the group? I keep trying to make it so I have to approve deviations before they're added to the folder, but even when I think I've managed to change it in the settings, deviations still make it through. Someone (or multiple people for all I know) has been adding deviations that aren't Chowder related and I keep having to manually delete them from the group. It would be nice if that wasn't an issue. After this change is added, all further deviations must be approved by me, the founder, before being added to the group.

:cheese:≈Previous News & Updates≈:cheese:
:bulletgreen:11/2/2015 ~ Happy anniversary everyone! That's right, today, November Second, is the day Chowder aired its first episode back in 2007! Gosh, was it really that long ago? Wow.

:bulletgreen:3/23/2015 ~ DeviantART's group system has updated a lot over time and I'm a bit unfamiliar with how it works now, so please excuse my incompetence. But aside from that, you might have noticed art being submitted to the group that is not relevant to Chowder. Since anything that is submitted is accepted automatically, it appears in the group until I remove it manually. This is such a rare occurrence that I won't be changing the settings of the group, but I have added a new rule to the "Rules and Information" section that simply states, "Anything you submit to this group must be Chowder related." I thought that would be pretty self-explanatory, but apparently not. Sometimes people might accidentally submit irrelevant work to the group, which I forgive. Anyway, I apologize for the mix-ups, and hopefully we will keep them down to a minimum.

:bulletgreen:8/7/2013 ~ I have updated the "Links" widget and removed any disconnected links. I'm happy to see that Chowder fans continue to submit to the group and make wonderful fan art, even if Chowder unfortunately ended. Keep on cookin'!!

:orange::sushi:≈Founder and Co-Owner≈:sushi::orange:
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ded klub is ded
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there needs to be an elemore city.

just saiyan.

Gohan (Super Saiyan) [V1] 
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I love Chowder!~<3 :iconchowder2plz: The best show ever!~<3
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Hello, I'm from :iconanothercontestgroup:. If you have a contest right now, know someone that does, or hold one later on, could you message me or comment on my page so I can notify the group? If you plan to send the contest directly to the group, could you say that I was the one who told you about the group? Thank you. :)
ThatOneMuffin Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Long live chowder!!! really mad the show got cancelled :( but we must keep the memory of chowder alive!!!
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Hey everyone! My drawing is on youtube for the SAVING JAPAN and also my friend from Facebook!=D
saving Japan-[link]

friend from Facebook (who loves Chowder)-[link]
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