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:star::bulletred:≈Welcome to the Rules and Information journal!≈:bulletred::star:
Here we have listed is the club’s general rules, and contest rules/guidelines. The rules list may seem long for all these subjects, but they’re really not as regulated as you may think.

:donut::bulletblue:≈General Rules/Info≈:bulletblue::donut:
The information here is the general rules and information featured in all of our journals. Here it is listed again for reference as you view this page:
~ To Join: At the top of the main page of every group on dA, there is a "join this group" button, click it and follow the intructions it tells you. That's all.
~ Do not claim or submit work that is not your own. Please mention the copyrights on your fan art; Chowder does not belong to you!
~ Respect each other and us.
~ To Submit Work: To keep things simple, there is only one folder for all general submissions, and another just for contest submissions. It is possible to submit to the club as/after you submit something to your own gallery, and possible to suggest other people submit their work to the club. On every deviation on dA, there is a button to the right that says "submit to a group" and you can even suggest submissions that are not your own! The suggestion goes to the original poster of the deviation, then if they choose to confirm it, it will be submitted to the group.
~ Remember to designate your work as "fanart" when you submit it to dA.
~ Please ask all questions in either comments or notes to the club. It is very unlikely you will ever need to ask questions away from this club, but on those rare occurrences, please send your inquiries to either of the club owners/administrators listed at the bottom half of all our club journals.
~ All submitted work is subject to approval by the founder as to eliminate unrelated work from being submitted to the gallery.

:donut::bulletpurple:≈Contest Rules/Info≈:bulletpurple::donut:
A contest is organized every now and then. The major rules are characterized by the particular contest going on, such as if it is an icon contest for the club, it would have to be an icon of 50x50 or 100x50 pixels, have the words “marzipan-city” in it, etc… (For the record, we already had an icon contest). Any club member can submit a contest submission. They can only submit one contest submission, but they can make a new contest submission to replace the old submission and reenter the contest with the new submission. Depending on the characteristics of the contest, the Mayer and co-owner may judge the contest, or we will have a club vote on whose submission wins the contest. You can only vote once, votes can be sent through note or comment on the journal or club main page, it is up to your personal preference. The rewards for the contests can be from simple requests from the Mayer and co-owner that can be non Chowder related by your request, DeviantART subscriptions, or physical prizes we can send you through the mail that will (probably) be Chowder related.

:sushi:≈Founder and Co-Owner≈:sushi:
Any questions can be answered by the Marzipan-City Mayer by sending a note to the club, or you can ask either of these two people.

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